Dyslexia Awareness Week and month

The EDA invites you to our public events around Europe

The EDA is delighted to announce the dates of Dyslexia Awareness Week and Dyslexia Awareness Month..

European Dyslexia Awareness Month is in October. European Dyslexia Awareness Week starts from the first Monday of October each year and the Dyslexia Awareness day is on the Thursday of that week.

2019 – 7th October– 13th October

(Dyslexia Awareness Day will be on Thursday the 10th)


In order to wider spread the word, please use the hash tag #EDADyslexiaday

We hope that this year will be the best ever for raising dyslexia awareness across Europe and the world. Do let us know what you do!  


The EDA has produced the logo below for members to use to support their dyslexia awareness events and activities.

Please contact us to let us know what awareness raising activities you are using the logo for.

Please read our Disclaimer (in the footer of this page) before you use our logos to learn when you are allowed to use it. 

Color Black & White
Dyslexia Awareness week in color

Dyslexia Awareness week  2019 in color

Dyslexia Awareness day in color

Dyslexia Awareness week in black & white

Dyslexia Awareness week 2019 in black & white

Dyslexia Awareness day in black & white

Activities in Europe

All EDA members are invited to send in information about planned events and activities for Dyslexia Awareness Week and Month, for posting on the EDA website. Please also send photos, video clips and reports of events after they have taken place, so we can share this information to celebrate and spread news of dyslexia awareness activities.

Read more about the organisations Awareness work around Europe.