The Autumn Seminars (former "Summer seminars") is an annual (except for when we have our conference) event that the European Dyslexia Associations has been inviting to since 2013. It all started in San Marino as a type of summer school bringing together different stakeholders responsible for people with dyslexia in a smaller event, aimed at exchanging ideas and experiences.

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This year, 2018, we held the:

Autumn Seminars 2018

Bridging the gap between research, policies and practice – Continuing the discussion

The European Dyslexia Association, in cooperation with Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, held the European Dyslexia Autumn Seminar in Munich, Germany from Friday 19th to Sunday 21th of October 2018. 

The conference featured presentations on best practice, policy and science regarding dyslexia (reading and/or spelling disorder) and dyscalculia as well as opportunities for people to meet and network.

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Autumn Seminars 2019

Make a note in your calendar for next years Autumn Seminars. They will be held at Linnaeus University, Växjö, Sweden, between September 27–29, 2019.


 General information about our Autumn Seminars

Please note:

  • The European Dyslexia Association does not promote/endorse any products or services. Speakers are required to respect this in their presentation.
  • Oral presentations and workshops will be delivered in English.
  • Travel and accommodation must be covered by the participants and speakers themselves. 
  • As places for attendants are restricted, accommodation information and early registration is recommended.


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Objectives of the EDA Community Autumn Seminars:

  • to provide and exchange information between stakeholders responsible for people with Dyslexia, about future strategies
  • to raise questions, perspectives and answers for the creation of a Dyslexia-friendly Europe
  • to formulate common strategies in a kind of policy guidelines
  • to raise public awareness about the situation of people with Dyslexia

The Autumn Seminars addresses people interested in dyslexia, preferably delegates of European dyslexia associations – (EDA Members).

The 4th EDA Community Summer School was staged successfully from the 6th till 8th of June 2013, in cooperation with the University of San Marino. The EDA-Board decided to rename this event to:“EDA Summer Seminars” and later on "Autumn Seminars".


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