Title Name Time period
President: Michael Kalmár (Austria)


Vice-President: Pernilla Söderberg (Sweden) 2014-2017
Vice-President: Lars Sander (Denmark) 2015-2019
Secretary: Christina Sczigiel (Germany) 2015-2019
Treasurer: Dr Ruth Falzon (Malta)  2018-2019
Administrator: Sue Flohr (United Kingdom) 2017-2019
Administrator: Giannis Karagiannakis (Greece) 2015-2019
Administrator: Cristiano Termine (Italy) 2014-2018
Administrator: Bengt-Erik Johansson (Sweden) 2013-2017
Administrator: Raymond Claes (Luxembourg) 2015-2019
Administrator: Vincent Lochmann (France) 2015–2019
Administrator: Rosie Bisset (Ireland) 2016-2019
Other members
Auditors Margaret and Jim Malpas (UK) . Appointed October 4th, 2015
Web master Peter Häggstrand (Sweden) Appointed April 2013
Volunteering Assistant: Dr Anne-Marie Montarnal (France) Appointed September 2014
Volunteering Assistant Brigitte Kalmár (Austria) Appointed 7.1 2011

 If you want to get in touch with the board members, use the e-mail surname.lastname + email symbol and eda-info.eu. Lower case letters and remove any accents.

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